Getting Started

Starting a Server

The first thing you’ll want to do to serve WebSockets from PHP is start a WebSockets server. Wrench provides a simple Server class that implements the most recent version of the WebSockets protocol. Subclassing the Server class is encouraged: see WebSocketBasicServer for an example.

When you’re ready for your server to start responding to requests, call $server->run():

use Wrench\BasicServer;

$server = new BasicServer('ws://localhost:8000', array(
    'allowed_origins' => array(

// Register your applications


Registering an Application

The server on its own doesn’t do anything until you write an Application for it. The server calls methods on your applications once they are registered:

$server->registerApplication('echo', new \Wrench\Examples\EchoApplication());
$server->registerApplication('chat', new \My\ChatApplication());