class Ssl
generatePemFile($pem_file, $pem_passphrase, $country_name, $state_or_province_name, $locality_name, $organization_name, $organizational_unit_name, $common_name, $email_address)

Generates a new PEM File given the informations

  • $pem_file (string) – the path of the PEM file to create
  • $pem_passphrase (string) – the passphrase to protect the PEM file or if you don’t want to use a passphrase
  • $country_name (string) – the country code of the new PEM file. e.g.: EN
  • $state_or_province_name (string) – the state or province name of the new PEM file
  • $locality_name (string) – the name of the locality
  • $organization_name
  • $organizational_unit_name
  • $common_name
  • $email_address (string) – the email address